Kraken review

Kraken is a top cryptocurrency exchange that has been around since 2014 boasting more than 2.2 million users. The exchange was initially set for litecoin, bitcoin, and euro trading but they later integrated other cryptocurrencies and currently, Kraken supports around 34 cryptocurrencies. Kraken is a widely used exchange that is available in over 180 countries with monthly visits of more than 4 million. It is one of the listed crypto exchanges in Bloomberg Terminal.

Please note that fees may vary based on your country or purchase amount. 

  • High buy limits and liquidity 


  • Bitcoin purchase via wire transfer supported

  • More than 34 cryptocurrencies supported

  • Daily trading volume 100-300 mln

  • Available in 180 countries

  • Credit and debit card BTC purchase  supported

  • Staking bonuses supported

  • Long history since it has been around since 2014

  • OTC Kraken

  • No withdrawal limits

  • Charges high fees relative to industry normal 0.42-0.1%

  • No native token

  • Customer support is slow and unreliable

Is Kraken A Trusted Exchange To Use?

Kraken has a long history and has been operating in almost seven years thus establishing a track record. Interestingly the crypto exchange has extraordinary compliance with its services offered in more than 180 countries.

Comparison Of Kraken With Other Exchanges

There are several trusted and good cryptocurrency exchanges where one can buy bitcoin at good prices. Here is how the three best exchanges compare.

  • Over 30 cryptocurrencies supported


  • Trading volume 100-300 mln

  • Kraken charges 0.42-0.1% trading fees

  • Available in over 180 countries

  • OTC Kraken

  • More than 2.2 million daily users

  • More than 190 cryptocurrencies supported


  • Daily trading volume 10 – 12 bln

  • Lowest trading charges 0.1% - 0.2%

  • Available in more than 180 countries

  • OTC Binance

  • More than 12 million users per day

  • Largest and most trusted crypto exchange globally

  • Supports more than 118 different cryptocurrencies


  • Trading volume per day is 500 mln- 2 bln

  • Trading charges 0.4% - 0.1%

  • Available in 130 countries

  • OTC Huobi

  • More than 5 million users trust the exchange


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